What is TWJKD?

"True refinement seeks simplicity". Bruce Lee


First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the term "Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do" (TWJKD) doesn't mean a different branch or version of the art created by Bruce Lee. On the contrary, "Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do" is nothing more than the refinement and the teachings of Ted Wong the way it was transmitted to him by the founder himself.

Instead of doing like some other versions of the art which mix different martial styles, Ted Wong just added time and dedication to develop the teachings that he received from Bruce. Obviously, each person has individual features that define them, and Ted Wong evolved strengthening his own, but always keeping the structure of the art he learned from his teacher. A true example of what the art of Jeet Kune Do is in itself.

Nowadays it is commonly admitted that Ted Wong has been the person that has carried on most accurately the essence of the art. Linda and Shannon Lee paid homage to his loyalty passing on the teachings of their husband/father in its purest form in the meeting of the "JKD nucleus" in Las Vegas, 2000. After almost 20 years teaching around several countries worldwide, many people consider the teachings of Sifu Ted as the closest to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

Those of us who didn't have the luck of learning directly from the founder, but had the fortune of learning from Sifu Ted, can clearly show his teachings through the term "Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do", and our commitment (as it was our Sifu's) is to perpetuate the art creating high quality students and instructors in order to go on transmitting it to the following generations.

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