Biography of Joaquin Marcelo

"Knowing is not enough, you must apply. Willing is not enough, you must do". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Joaquín Marcelo

Joaquín Marcelo was the one who introduced the so-called “Original Jeet Kune Do" in Spain, which he started teaching in 1991 after being certified as instructor by Jerry Poteet.

His path in martial arts started when he was 6 years old through Judo and followed with the practice of Kenpo Karate, obtaining the 2nd black belt and winning 5 times the National Championship.

His trip to USA to train with the master Ed Parker changed his martial mindset and he dropped out Kenpo to start a new path: the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts. In Los Angeles, he had the opportunity of training privately with renown instructors of JKD and other disciplines.

His martial mindset took a turn again when he was accepted by Ted Wong as his student. Joaquín found in him the qualities he was looking for in a master. He was certified by Sifu Wong as instructor to teach the art of Bruce Lee under his supervision.

He was chosen to play the role of Bruce Lee in the videogame "Dragon Warrior" from Digital Legends, distributed by Universal Studios and supported by the Bruce Lee Foundation, (Watch video on YouTube), and he is the author of "Jeet Kune Do, the way of simplicity", an extensive book where the technical, tactical and psychological parts of the art created by Bruce Lee are thoroughly explained.

Joaquín teaches seminars in several countries and is currently considered as one of the most respected JKD instructors at international level.

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