Humility - Work - Efficiency - Respect


“Perpetuating Bruce Lee's art through Ted Wong's teachings"

Jeet Kune Do Joaquín Marcelo's group has the goal of studying and training the last stage of evolution of the art created by Bruce Lee, the way he transmitted it directly to his last private student Ted Wong, to be perpetuated by the following generations.

In our group, the practice of Jeet Kune Do is developed through creativity, highlighting the characteristics of each student so that one can grow his full potential through his own individual expression. Jeet Kune Do is the art of adaptability.

We believe in a training in which you sweat your shirt. We believe in practicing through application and not just through theories. In swimming in the water and not on dry land. In the realistic approach of combat situations. And in training hard and respecting everybody else.

The members of our group don’t hold obtaining certificates or ranks as a main objective, we don't have uniforms or customized shirts that must be used either. Any kind of comfortable clothes is fine for a good training.

To be a member of our group, either in Spain or any other country, implies to follow our philosophy of focusing on the study and train the art of Jeet Kune Do, and being unconnected to any type of politics and discussion, always respecting any martial school or opinion different from ours.

Our group is made up of a wide range of people, with different martial experience, but everybody has a common focus: the search of self-knowledge through Jeet Kune Do, to explore their own physical and psychological potential through the study of the art of combat, to improve their life quality gaining confidence in their own skills through the training of a realistic and practical method of self defense.